Warhammer Army Builder

Below are some tools you can use right now if your building older edition warhammer armies. However, we now highly recommend Army Builder from Lone Wolfe Development. It's great to use as a Warhammer army builder, and it can also be used for almost all miniature games.

Army builder is simply the best software available for quickly creating army lists for many different miniature games. We have this on our store computer now and I can't imagine ever using a pencil and calculator again. Click on the link below for the fluff from the manufacturer. Order now to save yourself 15% and we'll have it to you in a few days.

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Army Builder 3.0

From this page you can quickly create most of the Warhammer Armies. You can simply check fields and use drop down boxes and this tool will automatically calculate your point cost for everything. When your Warhammer army is complete print it out and your ready for battle.

A very special thanks goes out to Paul Ferraro who created these army builder pages. Mr. Ferraro was kind enough to allow others to share these great web pages to allow Warhammer players to quickly and easily make thier army. Try them out and I think you'll throw your pencil, paper and calculator away.